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My 101 Holiday Projects

I’m the kind of person that has 101 projects going at any given time. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing but I thought I would share some of the things I am working on at the moment.


Word Work Folders – the kids are each having a word work folder that they will take home next term. Each child will have a list of words that they are working on during word work at school and at home as well. At my school, we use the Magic 100 words so each student will start on the Golden Words. I love the idea of the kids knowing that they are working with the Golden Words so they can work on the same list at home and at school. Once they have mastered that list, they will bring their folder back and move onto the Red Words. Last year the kids got the whole 100 words in one go and that was a bit much, so this term we are taking it slowly.

Daily 5 Word Work Sight Word Folders

Guided Reading Tub – I am starting guided reading groups next term so I thought it would be fun to have a little tub that is filled with lots of fun reading bits and bobs. I have made these cute little pointers for the kids to use and want to order some of those witchy fingers for a bit of fun!


Forward planning – Organistion is my ultimate Term 2 Goal so I am working on my forward planning document for the term. I’m already finding that this is helping me to feel more organised. I am looking forward to my Sunday planning sessions running a little more smoothly now. As you can see, I’m only at the beginning of my term planning haha



Assessment Folder – I’ve been working hard to try and make the way that I assess my students just a little bit easier. I have developed a special assessment folder that will (one day) be the home of all things assessment. I plan on writing a post entirely about my folder because it’s working very well for me so far! I’ve only added some data tracking checklists to a couple of the sections so my job for the holidays is to work on some more!


Timetabling – my timetable is a mess at the moment! I am trying to work out how on earth I am going to fit everything in without sacrificing our very important Learning Play time in the afternoons. I would love to know how you fit everything into your literacy block?? Is it the same routine every day or do you switch it up a little and mix things up?


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  • It's nice to see some familiar tools and programs to what I use in my classroom! I agree about students receiving all M100W words at once – this year I've even broken up the bigger word groups (red, orange, green) into 2 parts so that they have smaller groups to work with at a time. It's been working out quite well so far, which is great.

    As for fitting everything into my literacy program… this is my fourth year in and I still feel like I don't fit everything in, so I totally get where you're coming from. I look at your timetable and it looks SO much clearer than mine!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  • I am a graduate teacher and took over a Brisbane Prep class in W5 of T1 πŸ™‚
    I am getting so many FABULOUS ideas from you, thank you so much for sharing.
    I too struggle fitting everything in and do not want to sacrifice my Fun Friday middle session. I have a mandated 7 hours of literacy, 5 of numeracy, 1 of science. 0.5 of history per week and it does not leave a lot of time left over!
    I love your idea for the golden words folder… I will definitely using this format!

  • Thank you so much for stopping in! How are you finding Prep so far? I was terrified at first but I feel much more settled now haha. Fun Friday sounds like a great way to end a busy week. I like having Learning Play because I can get some extra numeracy time in without the kids realising that they're learning – sneaky! lol

  • I find the sequence a bit odd, to be honest, but I have been following the order. Our preps are only required to know the 12 golden words by mid-year, with an expectation to know most of the rest by the end of the year. It's tough to get through all of them in a year, especially since kids will learn them all at different rates. I have lots of kiddos who fly through them, and others who get really stuck. I find playing regular sight word games (Memory, Snap, Splat! and even just building the words in a variety of ways) really helps. Also enlisting parent helpers to review words with the kids when they're in the classroom can help.

    What I love is that you have specific sight word practise timetabled in. I teach them as part of our literacy session, but I'm definitely thinking about having time specifically devoted to sight word practise. Can I ask what kind of activities you do in that time? I'd love to know.

  • That's very true – some of my kids are definitely not ready for sight words and others have already learned all of the words that we've covered with no additional work at home. I found last year that parents did a lot of work at home to support the kids which helped immensely at school. I am starting our mornings with Word Work this term (like what you mentioned – lots of games and word building) rather than 'busy activities' and I'm hoping to get a few parents on board as well.

    We will be playing our 'sight word game' in this time – I lay out the words on the carpet and we sit in a big circle. The two children next to me stand up and I call out a word. The first kiddie to stand on the word gets to stay standing and the other sits down (the person next to them stands up to play the winner) and we carry on around the circle. The kids go crazy for it and I find it motivates the lower kids to learn their sight words so that they can get better at the game. I tend to sit away from the kids that know all of their sight words so that the rest of the class gets a turn before we get to them. When it gets to a lower student, I pick a word that is close to them that they know so that they have a chance to be successful. They grin from ear to ear when they beat someone! It also helps the kids to learn about winning and losing!

  • Aw, that sounds great. I've played a variation of that game, but for math games. I'll have to try it for sight words. Might even rope some of more capable Grade 1s to supervise and help teach the preps!

  • I have the perfect addition for your guided reading tub!
    I recently picked up finger torches (check them out on the teacher wife's blog!) from the reject shop. Five for $2!!
    The kids love them!

    Hope you are enjoying your break!


  • Hayley – I have seen the finger torches on a few different blogs but haven't been able to find them anywhere locally. I will have to go and visit the reject shop now – they would be perfect for my tubs. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Casey, its great to see that you have implemented your word list folders as we discussed at the beginning of the term! Let me know how they go!

    I also made some 'look sticks' with googly eyes on them and the kids just LOVE them! We go for little detective hunts with them when looking for letters and words around the room.

    Looks like you have had a very productive school break πŸ™‚


    Little Learners

  • Thanks Chantelle – I've made one so far so I'd better pull my finger out and finish the rest ready for school tomorrow hehe. I think the kids (and parents!) will love using them at home to work on their sight words.

    The google eye sticks are so cute – my little kitten loves them too! Using them for detective hunts is such a great idea – I can see that they will be very popular.

    I hope you are enjoying your holidays =)


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