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FREE Santa Letter Writing Template

Dear Santa Letter Writing Template freebie | free Christmas printables

Dear Santa Letter Writing Template freebie | free Christmas printables

Ahh Christmas is just around the corner so my toddler and I have been working on her Santa Letter!

At 2.5 years old, she is just beginning to understand Christmas and all things Santa. It’s a stark contrast to last year where she couldn’t get away from the bearded man in red quick enough! Miss 2.5 obsessed with waving to him each time we pass Santa’s stall in the local shopping centre. But she’s always stumped when asked what she wants him to deliver on Christmas Eve!

I put together this cute little freebie for writing our letter to Santa this year. I’ve included lined and unlined versions to suit different abilities as well as a QLD Font and standard font.

The unlined version suited my toddler the best so I printed it off and we started chatting about Santa.

Dear Santa Letter Writing Template Freebie | free Christmas printable

She decided that she wanted a bouncing castle from Santa! I was actually quite surprised as it was the first time she had actually answered me with something other than “I  dun no.”

I wrote her answer then got her to draw a matching picture. Didn’t she do a beautiful job?!

You can grab your own FREE Santa Letter template by clicking the button below.

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If you’re teaching in the classroom or working with young students, writing a letter to Santa presents a wonderful opportunity to explore letter writing conventions in a way that isn meaningful to your students.

You can encourage students to be conversational in their letters by asking Santa questions within their letter like the example below.

Dear Santa Letter Writing Template freebie | free Christmas printables

Have you finished your Santa Letter this year? I’d love to hear about what your Little Learners have wished for this Christmas!

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